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THE VIRTUAL DRESSING ROOM - Virtual Mirror in Poland

A huge, vertical LCD screen, a camera with a 3D depth sensor, realistic photographs of clothing with a database… and things get so much easier!

Anyone can freely try on clothes standing in front of the screen, change available apparel and its categories on-screen, pick and choose among pieces of clothing, make sets and their own collections of clothes, print a shopping list, e-mail their photographs in the clothes they try and share those photographs on facebook.

A special version with children’s apparel is also available. Clothes presented in the fashion shows will also be available in the dressing room.

Virtual Fitting Room allows you to see your self on the screen in the clothing available in stores at the mall.

The system was presented during the London Fashion Week in September 2012, the Polish premiere took place in March 2013.

Children can also try on clothes in the Virtual Dressing Room. Apart from being sheer fun, this also allows parents to see their kids in new clothing.
A graphical interface was specially prepared for kids, making it easy to use the Virtual Dressing Room on their own.

virtualmirror.pl - THE VIRTUAL DRESSING ROOM in Poland

In case of demonstration, distribution and hiring of Virtual Mirror please contact:

e-mail: biuro@virtualmirror.pl

The Virtual Dressing Room - The Virtual Mirror - The Virtual Changing Room

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